My latest projects

Here you can find a list of open hardware / software / products I'm currently working on.

Software projects

  • Wearable OS: a visual rapid development tool for wearable applications.

  • Quickcanvas: a web-browser only webapp for creating a lean business canvas. Technology used: Angular.js, pdfJS

  • MacReflower: a quick utility to convert pdf files to the Kindle Paperwite reader, based on k2pdfopt

  • Minipublisher: a web-based publishing platform for books (repository coming soon)

  • Leap Jewel: a jewelry showcase framework for the Leap Motion device (repository coming soon)

Hardware projects

  • Papertronics: several carboard-based electronic kits for learning electronics.

  • Sound of Touch: a MIDI controller built on e-Textile gear and Arduino. Demo video.

  • SocialBag: a bluetooth 4.0 enabled wearable kit to be integrated in fashion bags and accessories (repository coming soon)

  • DimensionShowcase: a 3D Product Gallery and device to scan retail objects usin OpenNI and showcase them with the LEAP Motion (repository coming soon)

Other projects

My experiments with physical products production:

  • WoodyUI Kit: a low-fidelity wooden prototyping platform for mobile apps

  • Leap Leather: a leather case for the LEAP Motion device